Memorial Candle with eternal flowers
  • Memorial Candle with eternal flowers

Eternal Flowers Memorial

Receive this item 12-14 business days AFTER finalisation of design.

Memorial candles can be personalized with the name, photo, or a special message of the departed, making them a heartfelt tribute. Can be customised with writings that hold personal significance to the individual being remembered.

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Memorial Candle with eternal flowers

Eternal Flowers

Receive this item 12-14 business days AFTER finalisation of design.
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Sayings on the photo:

"Love fills the space you left behind,

and that stays forever in our hearts."

*Candle Holder NOT included*

Choose any font listed in our selection photo and write it in the Design Request field. Our default colour of wording for memorial candle is black foil.

If you leave the field blank or if you prefer, Mipin will replicate this design on your product and provide you with the most suitable decors.

If you want a photo to be printed on the candle, either attach it on the "Customization Field" or go to CONTACT US, attach the photo and send it to us. 


You will receive an email with a digital proof within three (3) working days after you order. To expedite the ordering and production of your finished product, please check your emails frequently. Because we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied, we can provide you two rounds of edits. A minimal cost will be charged after this. In the event that we don't hear back from you within three days of sending the proof, we'll move on with your order in accordance with your original request.

*Mipin handles every candle with the love and care, but because wax is so delicate, there may be some unavoidable imperfections on the surface that should not be deemed faulty. Colour might vary from this image to the final product due to screen differences. For additional information, view the Safe Candle Handling page and our Terms and Conditions.

*Price includes x 1 pillar candle only. Accessories seen on the pictures are not included unless purchased separately.*

Eternal Flowers
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