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  • Our Mi Story


    Welcome to our shop of beautiful personalised candles and gifts. Our story began with the Baptism of Emma, our youngest. France made a unique, personalised pillar candle with prints directly applied into the candle finished with shimmering rhinestones. Family and friends were astounded. We then posted it on social media and were extremely thrilled with inquiries that later on led to the number of orders we received. There were numerous positive feedbacks, and our local community gave us warm and full support. This has given us the courage to expand and show the world our Mipin products. Since then, we have continued to design, create, and give our all to provide our customers with our own exceptional and one-of-a-kind gifts and ideas.

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  • Stay Connected


    Let's get connected for our latest designs and updates. Follow us on our social media accounts and see your amazingly beautiful candles featured. Keep us tagged as well Mi-Friends!

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  • Safety First


    Our top priority in Mipin Australia is the safety of our consumers and the public. As we pride ourselves on producing aesthetically beautiful candle products, these candles are lit with an open flame. Thus, it may cause a potential fire if not handled properly and with caution.

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